Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just For Today

For today...I will just start with something simple. No pictures or anything fancy.  I have started a few blogs, but I was never really happy with them.  Especially the names I chose.  I'm pretty sure this is the perfect one for me.  Finally!  You will find that I change my mind...a lot!  I think I need to fine tune my decision making process before I drive everybody, especially my husband, insane!  We have been renovating our kitchen for...uh hmm...a few years.  Designs have changed a few times.  At this point I don't dare to suggest one.more.change.  At least nothing that involves my husband doing more work.  My issue now is the color of the cabinets.  Right now they are burgundy and have been for quite a few years.  As my husband has built more cabinets, my mind has changed.  I don't want that color anymore.  The walls are a very bright yellow.  My plan was going to be to paint the cabinets black.  I decided against that for two reasons.  First, I feared it was going to look like a bumble bee with that color combination.  Now I just worry that it is too dark.  I only have two small windows and a glass door.  There is not a lot of natural light coming in there.  The sun only comes in the windows in the afternoon.  Not a good idea.  Then I moved onto a faux finish that I saw on  My husband loved it!

(Oh, I said I wasn't going to post any pictures.  I guess that's just another example of how I change my mind.)

  I went to the paint store and asked a nice man for help.  He set me up with everything I needed with full instructions.  Very nice of him.  I think he may have been on commission though, because the price just bowled me over.  I think I paid over fifty dollars for two quarts of paint, one quart of glaze and a small bottle of paint thinner!  Does that sound right to you?  I brought it home and wasn't sure about testing this on my actual cabinets.  I decided to go buy my three year old grandson an unfinished step stool and try the technique on that.  I believe I heard him tell Grampy last weekend, that Grammy got black on the red and needs to fix it. This really got me thinking.  Did I really want to paint them this way? 

At the moment I am considering an ivory with some antiquing.  It will really lighten up the room.  Well, stay tuned for adventures in my kitchen renovation.  At this point I am waiting for my wonderful husband to make me some cabinet doors and a few more cabinets.  It may take a little begging to get him to focus back on the kitchen after a  Yes that's it!  It has been a rest!