Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Catching Up

Today is a finish what I started kind of day. 

Well, one thing is anyway.  I started painting a bookcase last Thursday.  I made my own chalk paint and everything.  One problem though...I ran out of paint before it was done.  Bummer.  I went as far as I could that day.

On Friday I went to buy more white paint.  This time I got a gallon.  There will be no running out for a while.  Too bad I decided to make a day of it.  I just had to go to Christmas Tree Shops to buy these willow branches with LED lights on them.  I figured I would hit Home Depot after.  There is one right in the same parking lot.  When I checked out I had a cobalt blue sugar bowl and creamer that I never intended to buy.  How could I pass up my favorite color for $2.99 a piece?  Not only that but I found all kinds of cool Easter gifts for my favorite three year old.  Then I left...without the branches that I just had to have.  I loved the price of the branches but I just couldn't stand the thought of buying all those batteries.

After blowing the whole day Friday, I told myself that I needed to finish painting those shelves before Monday.  Did I do it?  Nah!  So today is the day.  I've painted the doll bed pink.  My husband needs that for a baby photo shoot Saturday.  Now to muster up the energy for that bookcase. 

Dinner?  Feels like a takeout kind of night to me.

Oh, and I have to share this!

Guess who's going to be a Grammy again?

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